Love's TKO: A Testimony of Abuse, Victory, and Healing

Is love supposed to disfigure you or demand unattainable expectations? Is love just a word or is it an action of the heart, body, and spirit? Take a journey with me as I share my testimony of a love gone bad through domestic violence.

It is my prayer that you will gain insight, courage, and wisdom with the turn of each page. For the Bible declares, "I will not have you ignorant concerning these things..." Search for and receive your healing today. You are more than a conqueror!

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Grace for Your Journey:

Sermons of Survival in the Wilderness

Life has a way knocking the wind out of our sail, leaving us weak and searching for our next breath. It is in those times that we long for a Word of encouragement, strength, hope, healing, and faith to lift us from our pit of despair. We call upon family, friends, associates, and even those we don't know for answers to the nagging questions that life throws our way: How do I go on? Why me? What is next? Can it get any worse? God has a Word just for you! As you walk through the pages of this book, I pray that these spirit-breathed sermons imparted to me down through the years, will help you to survive your wilderness with the assurance that God has given you grace for your journey.