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Don't leave your family wondering what to do upon your demise. Let's work together to pre-plan pertinent steps and lighten the gravity of emotional and financial hardship. Getting administratively organized ensures your wishes are carried out with loving respect.

Life Insurance

Do you have a life insurance policy?  What type of policy do you have...Term Life or Whole Life?  Do you know the difference?  Understanding your family's needs will drive the type of policy and the amount of your policy based on your financial ability.  

Living Will and/or Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order

Does your family know what your wishes would be if you were to become incapacitated, comatose, or brain dead (vegetative state)? Should they rusticate you or should they drift away?  Should the medical care team perform CPR or should they allow you to pass naturally? This document is vital to following your wishes to the letter.

Last Will and Testament

Have you written down your wishes as it relates to where your personal belongings, designation of an Executor of Estate? Have you outlined everything that pertains to financial obligations, your spouse, your children, your creditors?  The Last Will and Testament is a detailed document that lets your family know how you want all of your assets distributed.

Executor of Estate/Power of Attorney

Have you assigned an individual to "be your voice" and execute your final wishes according to all documents, rights, and privileges?  Have you assigned an alternate in the unlikely event that your Primary Executor of Estate is unable to fulfill his/her duties?  Make sure that this is one of the first administrative actions that you take.

Road Map of Personal Care

How would you want to be cared for if you were unable to speak for yourself?  What do like to do?  What do you like to read, watch, or listen to?  Do you have allergies to foods or other items and medications? Do you want visitors?  These questions and others can be answered with this document that outlines how you would like your personal care to be handled.

Final Wishes

Does your family know what you want to wear? Are there special actions you want taken on your behalf? Are there restrictions on colors, set-up, number of attendees, etc.? Provide your family or Executor with a document that highlight such wishes that may not be included in your Last Will and Testament.

Obituary/Funeral Program

Does your family or Executor know what should be in your obituary?  Can they chronicle your life properly and according to your wishes?  If not, it is never too late to write out your obituary - particularly since you know YOU better than anyone else does.  Do you know how you want your service to run?  Who will sing? Who will pray?  Who will be your Eulogist? Make it easy on your family by having an obituary and funeral program wishes already prepared without dates.

Funeral Service or Memorial Service

Do you know if you want a funeral service or a memorial service?  Did you there is a difference?  It is all a matter of choice, personal preference, or finances.  Make sure that your family and Executor are aware of your wishes for your final celebration.

Burial or Cremation

Have you planned for your final resting place?  Have you chosen a burial or cremation?  Have you decided on where you will be buried or how you want your ashes preserved?  Such personal decision should be decided prior to your demise so that you have time to pay for your burial plot or cremation service.

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