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Guest and Audience Responses...

Lasting Impression!

You're a natural at broadcasting/cultivating the story; but what left a lasting impression is how you bring your personal expertise and empathy with you in the dialogue. You're transparency is aimed to be helpful. May God continue to bless your endeavors! - J.G.


As a guest, I enjoyed having a direct dialogue with the host, who is a woman of excellence and a great communicator! This show is destined to reach millions of lives world-wide. - S.J.


The host is engaging when posing questions that asks guests about their expertise and subjects that inform the audience about their cause. We get to know how it has impacted their lives. It is good to learn from their life lessons for our personal growth. 

Relevant and Fulfilling!

If you haven't seen Life Matters with Michele, make sure you check it out! She has some of the best guests and the content has been relevant and fulfilling. If you are looking for transparency across many topics, you can find it on Life Matters. . .I did and enjoyed it very much! -J.T.

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